Outdoor decking refers to the construction of a flat surface, typically elevated from the ground, built outside of a building. Decks are commonly used in residential, commercial, and recreational spaces to provide an outdoor living area.

Materials We Use for Outdoor Decking in Alexandria

Wood: Traditional decking material. Common types include pressure-treated lumber, cedar, redwood, and tropical hardwoods like ipe.

Composite: Made from a combination of wood fibres and plastic. Low maintenance, resistant to rot, and available in various colours.

PVC: Made entirely of plastic. Resistant to moisture, insects, and rot. Low maintenance and durable.

Aluminium: Lightweight, durable, and resistant to rust and corrosion. Suitable for a variety of climates.

Our Outdoor Decks Construction Process

Planning and Design: We determine the size, shape, and layout. Considerations include the
location, purpose, and local building codes.

Foundation: Our landscapers choose between concrete footings, post anchors, or helical piers to support the deck.

Framing: Construct the framework using beams, joists, and ledger boards. Ensure proper spacing and alignment.

Decking Installation: Lay the deck boards perpendicular to the joists. Leave gaps for drainage and expansion.

Railing: We install railings for safety, meeting local codes. Options include wood, metal, glass, or composite materials.

Stairs: Our team adds stairs if the deck is elevated. Design and build them according to safety standards.

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    Outdoor Decking Alexandria

    Elevate Your Outdoors with Our Expert Decking Services

    Outdoor decking services involve the construction, installation, and maintenance of decks or outdoor platforms, typically made of wood, composite materials, or other suitable materials. Here are three key services that our company specialises in:

    Deck Design and Building

    We discuss what you want and plan the deck design together. Our experts create a customised deck plan that matches your style and outdoor space. Skilled builders bring the plan to life, using quality materials for a sturdy and beautiful deck.

    Deck Maintenance and Fixes

    We offer routine cleaning, sealing, and staining to protect your deck from weather and damage. If your deck needs repairs, we’ve got it covered – from loose boards to structural issues. Our team can refinish your deck, making it look brand new with sanding, staining, or painting.

    Custom Additions and Safety

    We add cool extras like built-in seating, planters, or lighting to make your deck unique. Our decks come with safety features like handrails and non-slip surfaces. If you want more space, we can create multi-level decks with different areas for relaxing and entertaining.

    By offering these services, our company can provide comprehensive solutions for clients looking to enhance their outdoor living spaces with aesthetically pleasing, durable, and functional decking structures.

    Hire Master Landscapes for Professional Outdoor Decking in Alexandria Homes!

    Choose us for unparalleled outdoor decking expertise! With a passion for crafting stunning decks, we bring your vision to life with custom designs and top-quality materials. Our skilled builders ensure precise construction, delivering not just decks but durable, inviting outdoor spaces. Trust us for comprehensive care, from routine maintenance to expert repairs, keeping your deck in prime condition. We stand out with personalised touches—integrated seating, vibrant lighting, and safety features.

    Your satisfaction is our priority, making us the go-to choice for transforming your outdoor living. Elevate your space with Master Landscapes—where craftsmanship meets your decking dreams!

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